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We have over 30 years experience in upholstery. We are more than qualified to handle any of your upholstery needs.

Upholstery Unlimited in Birmingham is an excellent Birmingham upholstery store that specializes in custom made pieces for your home. We take great pride in our exceptional customer service. We serve Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

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Birmingham Upholstery Company: Giving New Life to Your Furniture

Do you love your old sofa and chair but they’re looking a little worse for wear? Are all your friends telling you that shabby chic is no longer the “in” thing? Or maybe there’s not quite enough money in your budget for something new. Well you do have options. A Birmingham Upholstery Company can take your old sofa, chair, loveseat or any other piece of upholstered furniture you might have and by covering it with new upholstery fabric they can gi
It’s true that over time, your furniture upholstery can become worn and begins to look less attractive than it did when it was new. But a quality Birmingham Upholstery Company is able to replace or repair the frame work, springs, foam, and upholstery fabric. As long as the furniture pieces have “good bones” or were made of quality construction to begin with it may be more economical to have them recovered than to go the expense of buying new.

Let's say for example you have a favorite chair. The chair upholstery is worn and the cushion is beginning to sag. The chair just isn't as comfortable as it used to be. A professional Birmingham Upholstery Company will examine the chair, make note of any problems they find and quote you a price for the repairs and new chair upholstery. In just a short time your chair will come back to you looking like new.

City>>> Upholstery Company: Fabrics Galore!

You’ll also have your choice of fabrics with probably hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from. Though upholstery fabric can be quite pricey, the cost of purchasing a quality sofa, chair or other well constructed upholstered furniture is a bit more than twice the expense of re-covering.

The Birmingham Upholstery Company term "textiles" encompasses both upholstery fabrics and leather. Tightly woven blends will have a longer lifespan than loose or light natural fibers. Remember to consider this if you have children and / or pets and want your furniture to hold up for the long haul. Ease of cleaning and stain guard are important qualities to choose for the busy and active family.

Birmingham Upholstery Company: How the Process Works

When you call your Birmingham Upholstery Company, they will come to examine the furniture you want re-upholstered and make any suggestions or recommendations about its condition and what they feel will be necessary to refurbish it. The first piece they examine is the frame. The frame is the wooden frame or the skeleton on top of which the webbing, springs, foam, batting and upholstery fabric are added. The frame gives the furniture its basic shape. An unstable frame means an unstable piece of furniture. The frame can often be repaired, and the Birmingham Upholstery Company can also replace worn foam cushions, torn webbing, and broken, bent, or rusted springs if necessary.

Once the piece is repaired and the foam and batting is in place it’s time for the new upholstery fabric to be added. Your Birmingham Upholstery Company will use a fabric that you have pre-selected. If you’re redecorating your space the fabric may be in keeping with your new interior design or it may be something similar to the original fabric. That’s the nice thing about upholstery fabrics. Your choices are almost limitless.

The Many Services of a Birmingham Upholstery Company

When most people hear "upholstery company" they tend to think of someone that replaces the worn fabric on a sofa or chair but an upholstery company does so much more than just reupholster furniture with new fabric. Just a few of the tasks they are expert in are repairing damaged frames, replacing torn or overstretched webbing and even refinishing or replacing scratched or broken trims.

If you love antiques you may find that your local Birmingham Upholstery Company is your best friend. Whether you simply own an antique settee filled with horse hair or if you enjoy collecting and restoring the pieces yourself, a skilled Birmingham Upholstery Company can work with you to professionally restore your antiques with authentic u Since horse hair and wood cellulose stuffing are no longer common, they will use great care to salvage the original stuffing whenever possible or will usually have sources where they can purchase a replacement product that is true to the original.

Your local Birmingham Upholstery Company offers many diverse services other than upholstering furniture. These include re-upholstering the seats of your car or the seating areas on your boat. Custom interiors for restored classic cars are often built by skilled upholsterers, and they can even customize the interior of a motor home or "RV". You probably are aware of how valuable the upholstery service is if you happen to own a classic car in restoration process, a used boat or “RV”. While not every Birmingham Upholstery Company is likely to do all of these things, you’re sure to find one that specializes in exactly what you need.

Slip Covers from the Birmingham Upholstery Company Save Your Furniture and Pocketbook

Also if your furniture is in good condition or you can’t afford the cost of having it reupholstered, you might want to consider slip covers. The Birmingham Upholstery Company will measure your sofa, loveseat or chair and create slip covers that will fit perfectly. They can also treat the upholstery fabric to make it resistant to dirt and stains. Slip covers are a great idea if you want to change your interior look with the seasons. Try a nice light cool look for the summer and a darker warm cozy look for the winter.

Just remember that when that sofa is looking a little worse for wear or your favorite old chair is making home look more like a “hovel”, there is no need to discard those pieces. Consider giving it a new life by calling your local Birmingham Upholstery Company today and enjoy your favorite furniture for years to come.
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